This is a song Will wrote that described the love he wanted for himself, but didn’t think he deserved.

Where Your Horizon Meets Mine

A somber, autumn morning
Lying prone on a pile of brittle leaves
Bare feet, eyes to the earth
Roots steal her air like indulgent thieves

Hopelessness guides her
Her heavy heart hides her,
Presides over logic but
Casts it aside

Pulling myself up, telling you I’m fine
Stumbling to that place where your horizon meets mine

Midnight in the spring
No direction, no permanence, no place
Satchel packed, eyes to the sky
Stars take his breath away like a tight embrace

Curiosity feeds him but
His past leads him
Speeding away from
All that he’s known

Wandering the earth, looking for a sign
Until I find the point where your horizon meets mine

In the brilliant summer sun
Strangers give in to a magnetic force
Self-conscious eyes discover new faces
She smiles at his rambling discourse

Literature ignites and
Music unites them
Lights a sweltering flame
That lasts a season, maybe two

Finally at peace, a feeling so divine
Grateful that I’ve found where your horizon meets mine

But winter’s iciness is all it takes
To devour the warmth, once so strong
Sudden darkness rips out the pages
Vacuum sucks the notes from the song

You return to the earth where I found you
Hopelessness prevails and I am through

After wandering the earth and looking for a sign,
I’m starting my life over where your horizon once met mine.
I’m starting my life over where your horizon once met mine.

Love Will ©2016 Lori L. Otto


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