The poetry of Love Will

The most disappointing thing about Love Will not becoming anything close to a commercial success is the fact that hardly anyone will ever get to see the poetry that is buried in the 542 pages of this book that I love. I thought about publishing them in a separate book with a short story, but I knew I’d run into the same problem with that.

Not wanting the world to miss out on the ‘lyrics’ that ‘Will’ wrote in Love Will, I’ve decided to publish them on my blog every day for the next eleven days. I’ll try to give a brief description of Will’s motivation (or Peron’s, his bandmate, because he wrote one of the songs), so you can see how it fits in. The poems/lyrics may not quite have the depth that they would within the context of the actual story, but I still think they’re pretty good.

Here are the titles of the upcoming ‘songs.’ I’m posting these in the order they appear in the book.

  1. Where Your Horizon Meets Mine
  2. Done Away
  3. Brookings, SD (Peron’s song)
  4. Liar
  5. For Shea
  6. Twenty-four Year Wrath
  7. Standard
  8. Restart
  9. Oleander Petals
  10. Harness
  11. Hey, Hampton
  12. My Sol

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