Book Reveal: In the Wake of Wanting

As many of you may know, I’ve been diligently working on Trey’s novel for a few months now. Wouldn’t you know that I found a way to fall head-over-heals in love with this guy, too? Damn it. I can’t be faithful to any of these men. I’m so fickle. But we know who raised him, so can you blame me? Nah. Didn’t think so.


If you follow me on social media, you have probably already seen photos of a paperback floating around today. Well, it’s not really the finished book. It’s just a mock-up I had printed for the Books and Boots Author Event I’m signing at today for the official cover reveal. There’s no text inside, so don’t worry–no one’s getting a sneak peek at anything.

About the book
Title: In the Wake of Wanting
Genre: New Adult / Literary Fiction
This is a stand-alone, but also a spin-off if you’re reading the rest of my books.
There is no release date and there are no pre-order links at this time. Keep reading to find out why.

Description: Even before the second semester of his sophomore year at Columbia began, Trey Holland knew his life would be completely different by the end of it. He had yet to meet the flustered freshman who he’d be mentoring on the school paper. He had yet to discover the despicable secrets his new best friend was hiding.

All Trey knew at the time was that the relationship with his high school sweetheart was nearing its end.

In those days before the spring semester began, life for Trey was simple. School was a place to learn. His fraternity was a community of like-minded brothers. Life was full of well-intentioned people. Complications were tiny bumps in the road, easily smoothed over, leaving no trace behind.

In a matter of weeks, Trey is thrust into a jaded reality brought on by choices he makes and by the vile actions of those around him. It won’t take long for him to look back and see the wreckage left in the wake of wanting.


As far as a release date, well… The book needs a few more chapters and some editing, and then–here’s the fun news! 😀 There’s a novella or short story or something that needs to be released before this. Although In the Wake of Wanting will be a standalone, if you are following my books, it’s still a spin-off, and there’s a little something-something that will set the stage for this one (and answer a lingering question from Love Will). The novella will be narrated by Max and Zaina. It doesn’t have a title or cover yet because the majority of it hasn’t been written… BUT it won’t be a major undertaking. I know all the components. I just need time to put pen to paper. The good news is, you can probably look for a joint release of the two books.

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