A book as free as love should be…

Love Like We Do (side a) is FREE Monday, October 31, and Tuesday, November 1. FREE. It’s never been free before, and it will probably never be free again.

Love Like We Do (side a)
Exclusively on Kindle

Love Like We Do is a coming-of-age, coming-out story of two teenage boys. If you’ve seen all the recent chatter about In the Wake of Wanting–or if you’ve read it–Love Like We Do (side a) features the first glimpse of Trey Holland as a young adult. Here, he is sixteen and one of two narrators on the periphery of this love story, relating what it’s like when he discovers that not only are his two best friends gay, but they’re in love with one another.

The second narrator is Jon Scott, the older brother of Max Rosser. It’s a shock when Jon finds out his youngest brother is gay, but he is fully supportive and works hard to bridge the gap widening in his family due to his mother’s overzealous spirituality and Max’s homosexuality.

When Max’s boyfriend, Callen McNare, disappears, it prompts a nationwide search and weeks of self-discovery for Max, his family and his friends.

Once you’ve finished Side A, you’ll want to read Side B, which allows Max and Callen to tell the story from their points of view. The series is eye-opening, heartbreaking and life-affirming.

Love Like We Do (side b)
Exclusively on Kindle


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