(It Happened) One Friday is here!

I tried to be proactive. I wanted the book to publish on Friday, and Amazon says it can take 72 hours to publish… so I was giving it plenty of time.

And then it took one whole hour. It took less time for Trey and Zaina to… well, you know. Or wait! You don’t! You haven’t read it yet! Why are you still here!!? Go read it! http://amzn.to/2vYEiRs


(IT HAPPENED) ONE FRIDAY  | $0.99 ebook

He did it. After everything they’d been through, Callen McNare crossed the line into a territory from which there was no coming back. Max Scott was always patient and loyal, but he’s not quick to forgive or forget.

And for Zaina Mishra, she finally got her wish. Trey Holland did it. They did it–after two and a half years of waiting. It was all that she wanted, but maybe not all she’d really hoped for in the end.

They were four friends from high school on a trip to paradise after graduation. They were two couples in love.

There was always a possibility that everything would change some day.

It happened one Friday.


2 thoughts on “(It Happened) One Friday is here!

  1. Hi Lori. Loved It Happened One Friday! It brings back the world you’ve brought to life and fills in the story detail for the four characters. Another 5 of 5 stars. Congratulations and thank you!

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