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A look back at young Will

I’ve had a little trouble writing recently. I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone. So I decided to write something that was a little self-indulgent. Something that would make me feel good. I was happiest when I was writing Will, so I returned to him. This is just a little short story… Continue reading A look back at young Will

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Excerpt: In the Wake of Wanting – “Duct Tape”

Hey, everyone… I’ve got a little something-something for y’all: a little dialogue between Trey, now a sophomore at Columbia, and a freshman writer that he works with on the school paper. I’m also thinking of a release date around October 27th-ish? I’ll pick an official date really soon, I promise. Downstairs, I see my partner… Continue reading Excerpt: In the Wake of Wanting – “Duct Tape”


Hard Rock Author Event!

Hi! I’m here in Tulsa (technically Catoosa) at the Hard Rock Author Event! If you’re here, stop by the table for some cute swag or buy some books! I have them all available right now! I also have two $25 Amazon.com gift cards and one $25 iTunes gift card to give away! There will be a… Continue reading Hard Rock Author Event!


Facebook 5,000 Likes Giveaway – Poll Results and Winners!

Thanks to everyone that entered by Facebook 5,000 likes giveaway! I had 237 entries, and with those entries, people submitted their opinions to a few poll questions. I thought I’d share those with you first! Favorite Male Character: Nate – 90 votes Jack – 69 votes Jon – 13 votes Favorite Female Character: Emi Hennigan… Continue reading Facebook 5,000 Likes Giveaway – Poll Results and Winners!


Olivia outtake!

I was going through my Evernotes today and I found this little snippet… SPOILER ALERT of you haven’t read Olivia… So, originally, after Jack and Jon visit the dorm to confront Jon’s hacker-roomie, they were going to go have dinner together—just the two of them. In the book, they have this conversation in Jack’s office… Continue reading Olivia outtake!