Emi Lost and Found Day – May 18

Fans of Emi Lost & Found, unite!

On Saturday, May 18, Emi’s birthday, we will be celebrating Emi Lost & Found Day in an effort to raise awareness of the series and promote the books to your friends all around the Internet!

If you would like to join in, I have a list of things you can do to participate! On the 18th, if you send me a screen shot of – or tell me in an email about – what you’re doing to promote the books, I will enter your name into a drawing for a ONE OF A KIND Emi Lost & Found Day t-shirt!

1. Links on Social Media Sites

Post links to either Not Today, But Someday (which is still free!), to the Emi Lost & Found bundled series, Lost and Found, or to my Where To Buy page. The last page mentioned will tell any potential readers about the book, as well as provide links to them so they could purchase the books in whatever format they choose! Here are some instructions on how to do this on Facebook, just in case you’re a newbie! You may want to post one in the morning, one in the evening, and one at night. You could say something simple, like “In honor of Emi Lost & Found Day, I wanted to share this series with you!”

2. Twitter

If you’re active on Twitter, tweet about it! If you follow me on Twitter (@lori_otto), I’ll be tweeting, and you can simply RT any of my messages that day! Or, feel free to create your own enticing messages for your followers! Be sure to include a link in your tweet (you could use any of the ones in the first section, or a link to my blog, too)!


Tell your friends about the series! Tell them how it’s right up their alley, or tell them how it’s different from other books out there. If you have a paperbook, let someone borrow it to read! Same for Kindle books (although they have a one-time lending limit). If you’re out of lends on Kindle, send your friends to BookLending.

4. Post your recommendations on book blogs and book-related Facebook pages

You know how you can leave your own recommendations on most book blogs or Facebook pages? Well, I, as an author, can’t self-promote that way (in most cases), but you guys are free to recommend. Just check the terms that each page has to make sure it’s okay, but in 99% of the pages I’ve seen, that’s how it’s done.

5. Wear an Emi-related shirt on May 18th

They’re on sale at RedBubble and they typically ship relatively quickly!

6. Create a countdown… and countdown to May 18th

Reader Casey had the idea to have 7 reasons why her friends should read the Emi Lost & Found series, so for the week prior, she’s going to post one reason a day!

7. Badges

I’ve created these badges for you to use on your websites or other social sites you use regularly. Feel free to click to see the full-size image, then save that on to your computer and upload it as you would any image file! When your friends ask you what they are about, go back to Step 3!






Keep an eye out on my Facebook Page for any news or ideas that day! Feel free to share your ideas down below, or on my page!

Thank you all for your help in spreading the word about my series!

7 thoughts on “Emi Lost and Found Day – May 18

  1. You know how Starbucks has a bulletin board and “what’s new” section or something like that….with the manager’s approval couldn’t I place one of my “home-made” and tastefully done pictures and blurb of the series? Oh, I live at Starbucks!!

  2. I wrote two 5 star reviews on Goodreads (I suck at writing reviews but I tried). I still have to finish the others. I also pimped your book on a small book club I belong to on FB. One lady didn’t like Nate and quit reading it. I keep trying to talk her into finishing it, but I know a few others recently bought it. Good luck, Lori!!

  3. May I request a Team Emi banner please 😉 As you well know, I do not like choosing between our boys. It makes my head and my heart hurt.

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