A compilation of responses to common Google searches that bring people to my page…

Q. Where can I download Lost and Found, Time Stands Still, Never Look Back, the Emi Lost & Found series, Contessa, Olivia, Dear Jon, Livvy, Number Seven and/or Crossroads for free?

A. Unfortunately, none of these books are offered for free, but WAIT! Before you go scouring the web for an unauthorized, illegal free download of my books (in epub, mobi, kindle, pdf, iBooks, whatever format), please check BookLending.com.  I have worked on these books since the winter of 2008 while holding down a full-time job and managing a household on my own because I don’t make enough money on my books to pay the bills. My books are well-reviewed and incredibly reasonably priced. Borrowing the books from another reader through that website is a great way to read for free within the confines of what is ethical, acceptable and fair.

Still thinking about finding the books for free? Please reconsider.

Q. What age-range is recommended for the Choisie series, and why?

A. While Contessa is in the Young Adult genre, I would say it would be recommended to teens no younger than a mature 16. While the book doesn’t have sex in it, there is talk of it, and there are sensual situations that many teens may find themselves in. You, as a parent, may want to read the book first to determine if it is appropriate for your teen.  There is no violence and… maybe one or two curse-words, but that’s it.

In Olivia, though, Livvy makes some adult choices with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Jon. Due to their ages and decisions, I would consider this book New Adult. There is a little more cursing in this book, but it’s still relatively mild.

Q. What genre is the Emi Lost & Found series?

A. I would call it Contemporary Fiction with romantic scenes and elements. There is limited sex in each book. I wouldn’t call it graphic, but other readers have deemed it that. I’ve tried to be tasteful in descriptions of love scenes, and I don’t really like vulgar words for body parts or sexual acts. The main audience would be adult women, but I do have a few male readers, as well.

Q. What happens at the end of Lost and Found?

A. My initial response is READ. My second response… If you must know, and want the book to be ruined for you, I can’t stop you.  Do a search for “Nate, Fate and Soulmates” either on google or directly here on the blog.

Q. Why should I read on? I’m devastated after X, Y, or Z!

A. Here’s why.

Q. Are you doing any book signings this year?

A. Yes! I’ll be at the Denton Author Event in August, and at PennedCon in September!

This page will be updated as more questions bring people to the page. If you have a question you’d like answered, just leave a comment on a page and I’ll answer any that I feel are appropriate for the masses.

4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hey Lori!

    Wow, it looks like you’ve been really busy writing and publishing since the last time I saw you, which I think was Christmas of 2008.

    I was just thinking about you and wanted to hear how you are doing.

    I hope you remember me! I went to Japan for about four years, then moved back to the US. I live in Phoenix now, but I want to know how life as an author has been for you.

    Please let me know that you are doing well,

    Michael Smith

  2. How do I get your books. I don’t like reading on devices. Prefer books. But love the lost and found series so far and would like to own the books.

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