Sexy, thoughtful and really smart characters. Loved this whole series. Finished this one in a single sitting. Couldnt put it down.

Anonymous, Nook edition

I thoroughly enjoyed all three books in this series. I love how the author gives you a different point of view in each book. It really helps you identify with each character. This final book did not disappoint. It takes you and your emotions for a ride; a ride you don’t want to end.

Stacy, Smashwords edition

I LOVED book three – Never Look Back. It was still a rollercoaster of emotions just like books one and two, but WOW, what a payoff!!!! You have to stick with it and finish Emi’s love story, it is so worth it!

aliaschick, Smashwords edition

love that this book showed the other side of the story making him seem more “real”. I loved the book and think it was well written and moved along quite well. Really a great series but all in all book one was by far my favorite.

kay masters, Smashwords edition

Amazing!!!!!  Read all three books in less than a week!  A great story of love, loss and living, every moment to the fullest!!

Ladybugge092300, iBooks edition

I completely ignored my family for an entire day simply because I couldn’t put this story down. I HAD to finish it. My emotions ranged throughout. I loved the ending and CAN NOT wait for the 4th installment!

Angela Meyer, Goodreads review

I AM SPEECHLESS…when I make it to gather my thoughts I will try to write something…Amazing series…

Ioanna S., Goodreads review

Oh, this is such a beautiful story!!! I really, really like it. When I finished the second book I liked Jack but in this book he won me completely, what an amazing character. This book melt my heart more than once because it is about what most of all dream about: finding that perfect person for you (yeah, I know, how cheesy of me!!, ha ha ha). Anyway I highly recommend this book if you want a wonderful, romantic story with an unforgetable ending.

Vanessa, Goodreads review

This entire series is amazing! I had both happy and sad tears constantly and could not put them down. I read these in my reader and loved them so much that I bought the actual 3 books. The author has a great way of making you feel like your right there the whole time! Thank you for such a great read Lori Otto and I can’t wait for more of your work!

Veronica Traupman, Goodreads review

This is the third and final book in the series and it was very bittersweet finishing it. I was glad to find out how the characters ended up, but I will miss reading about them. There were tears of both happiness and sadness throughout the book and I am still thinking about them and wishing there was a fourth book! This series is really worth a read and I have recommended it to many friends already.

DS, edition

This whole trilogy was really good. It actually made me cry which books very rarely do. I could relate exactly to how Emi felt throughout all the books. I literally spent all night reading the first one and then I couldn’t wait to read the next two!

Caroline, Kindle edition

Not the same old settings for Lori. This book takes you to different settings (I want to go there) and introduces us to new characters. I really enjoyed the change of pace and place. Like frosting on a cake, this book is the perfect capstone to the series. Over the three books we really get to know Emi and it has been a pleasure to go along for the ride. Hope to see more books from Lori Otto. I so enjoyed this series.

Ebonyiz, Kindle edition

 So the verdict is in and I think that if I had to pick between Nate and Jack, I would still pick Nate. But this is only because Nate is just my type of guy. But I did love Jack and I think that he was really good for Emi and after reading a post on Ms. Otto’s blog I understand more as to why she wrote the series the way that she did. I understand why Emi ended up with Jack and I am at peace with this decision.

The last book in the series was just as good as the first two, although I felt like it was a little less intense than the others. However, it was written from Jacks POV and I feel like the reason for that was because Jack was always so calm and collected so I guess it made sense.

I kind of got angry with Emi in this book because she was always so hesitant with Jack. I understand that she went through a lot but she was also hesitant with Nate in the first book and I just wanted to yell at her to just give Jack a chance and stop being stupid. I’m glad that she finally made the right choice in the end.

I also love that Jack was always so patient with her and that he never gave up on her despite all the things that they went through together.

I really loved this series and was pleasantly surprised at how talented Ms. Otto is. I look forward to reading her next series and whatever else she writes in the future.

But for now, I’m going back to Nate 🙂 in the prequel to this series “Not Today But Someday”

Klaudyna Z., Goodreads review

This book kept me seated in one position: eyes directed to the book. Like the other it made me cry, yes I am a crybaby but it is not my fault, the story is extremely emotional. Of course I will never forget Jack, he is too awesome.

It was the perfect ending for a perfect story, amazing.

V. Anton, Goodreads review

I absolutely loved this series. Emily reminded me so much of myself, she was moody, Indecisive, emotional, but loving, kind, sweet and fun. This story of healing, loss, restoration and faith was great.

Adaline Williams Reed, Kindle edition

I loved the end to this book. It’s great to see Emi happy after all her trials during the 3 prev books. Although i still felt she was meant to be with Nate, its very interesting to see the twists in the relationships and the ‘What could’ve beens..’ I found myself flip-flopping between loving jack and hating him. As i loved Nate’s character from the start, and loved him even more with each secret we uncovered about him, for example… the paintings of Emi, left in the storage room. You could tell how deep his feelings were for her. Which brings me to Emi, sometimes i found myself thinking she was unrealistically ‘over’ Nate. I sometimes felt that her reactions weren’t what i thought they should have been. And unfairly, i also thought she was kind of betraying the memory of Nate when she had decided he wasn’t her soulmate after all. But i know i should’t have favourite’s when trying to be objective (But Nate’s Mine). I would never suggest anyone pass up the opportunity to read this series. It will make you laugh, cry, appreciate the love that you have in your life!

Well Done Lori L. Otto

Zoe.Williams, Kindle UK edition

What a wonderful end to this series! I am speechless and totally in love with Jack! Wow is all I can say. I read this book in one day even while at work 🙂

Shamika, Goodreads review

I loved Book 3 and am looking forward to the next story to be published!

Amy, Goodreads review


“Never Look Back” is the final installment in the “Emi Lost & Found” series, and it is brilliant.

Jack–the man who fell in love with Emi one night a decade ago, only to find her again–narrates”Never Look Back,” and gives us insight into his true feelings for Emi. It would have been so easy for author Lori L. Otto to blow it with the concluding book, but she didn’t.

That Jack and Emi love each other wasn’t an issue. Their friends and family all knew it, as did they. What this book so beautifully portrays is how relationships are never like a slick Hollywood film. People who love each other can fight over everything from the huge–should we have kids? Should we buy this house?–down to the minutiae of one drink too many, or “does this dress make my ass look too fat?”

For two people in this world–in this age–to share unending bliss and smooth days and nights…yeah. It doesn’t work like that. We humans are fragile beings, with egos and dreams, both of which can be crushed by an unintentionally cruel word or inopportune eye-roll.

Jack and Emi seemed right for each other, and their love seemed permanent. Then the Big Questions popped up, and an ex-lover showed up to muddy the waters further.

I’ve said in my reviews of the first two “Emi Lost & Found” novels that this is not my usual type of book. I’m not sure how I picked up volume one in the first place.

And each of the three installments has, at times, aggravated me to distraction with the characters’ occasionally stupid behavior, because relationships increase individual stupidity exponentially. For example, if I do something stupid, it’s just me being an idiot–I do that frequently.

However, if I do something stupid when I’m with my beloved, or something that affects her life as well as mine–even something minor after she’s had a crappy day at work–then it can explode. And escalate. And soon, we’re questioning our love for each other.

When you’re a participant in a relationship, you can’t always see how ridiculously you behave sometimes. Reading these three books, where the characters are so real, I couldn’t help but marvel at how stupid I’ve been over the years.

The story boils down to Nate, Emi, and Jack, and the complicated interaction between them. Nate narrates the first book; Emi, the second, and Jack the third. Each book covers a sequential period in time–they happen in order, with no real gaps. What this narrative device does is give us insight into each character’s nature. Nate and Jack both love Emi. It’s how they love her that’s different, and the circuitous routes they take to get there.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but “Never Look Back” ends the series on a happy note. As I read, I kept thinking of three or four horrible ways an author could end this long, convoluted, bittersweet story. Fortunately, Lori Otto didn’t use any.

Actually, the very last chapter in “Never Look Back” switches back to Emi’s point-of-view. This is fitting, for she has had the greatest journey over the three books. She looks back at events, some memories of sad times, then steels herself, and moves into a future she never thought she’d be granted.

She moves on, smiling.

Awesome series.

Tom, Goodreads review

This was a really great series that I would recommend to anyone. I think what I loved most was how realistic it was. You slowly become invested in the characters and you felt what they felt. Nate didn’t die and Emi just moved onto the next best thing, it took a long time for her to come to terms with his death and trust herself to love Jack fully. Even then Nate was never forgotten. You saw how torn she was to move on after Nate and how he was torn because he wanted Emi to love only him but understood that she might not be able to.

This series was just amazingly well written! I would definitely read more by this author.

Johnna Ehlendt, Goodreads review

Absolutely loved this series! Such a real story. And as an adoptive mother I can definitely relate to this story…

Jenny, Goodreads review