Love Like We Do (Side B) comes out today!

The whole series is out now! Nook and iBooks readers: DO NOT WAIT to get your copies. After Thursday, this series will only be available on Kindle for 90 days! Here’s a little snippet from one of Max’s chapters in Love Like We Do (Side B): “You’re not wearing that shirt out today, are you?” […]

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Love Like We Do is OUT!

The wait is finally over! If you preordered Love Like We Do (Side A), it should be waiting for you on your Kindle or iPad right now! If not, it’s available for sale on Amazon, iBooks or Nook. (If you read on the latter two platforms, you only have two days to buy the books! […]

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Get Contessa while it’s free!

I inadvertently put Contessa on sale yesterday–for free. I didn’t know it until I checked my stats, and it showed I had over a hundred free downloads. I thought about putting it back at its regular price, but then I decided I’d just let it be. Contessa‘s one of my favorites, and I want more […]

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Kindle Readers: Preorder Love Like We Do today for a discount!

The preorder price for both books in the Love Like We Do series is $1 cheaper than the regular sale price! Preorder both, and save $2! To get your copies of Love Like We Do for your Kindle for just $2.99 each, click the links below! US Kindle: Side A | Side B UK Kindle: Side A | Side B

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Love Like We Do (news on BOTH sides!)

I’m well into the second book in my Love Like We Do series–about 82,000 words into it–so I figured it was about time to let you in on the description of Side B. And while we’re at it, I’m going to show you the cover of that one, too! In LOVE LIKE WE DO – […]

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Cover Reveal : Love Like We Do – side a

COVER REVEAL Title: Love Like We Do – Side A Author: Lori L. Otto Cover reveal date: July 21, 2015 Release date: not set yet. Cover designed by DCPdesigns BLURB The odds were stacked against Max Rosser when he was born sixteen years ago. A month before his birth, his father was put in jail […]

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Jon – From Love Like We Do (Side A)

“What happened?”

“Nothing happened. I just like taking advantage of the perks of being a musician.”

“You like having sex with strangers.”

“I like the way I said it better,” my brother says.

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