Trey – from an untitled Trey novel

I don’t bother to fight the smile from spreading across my lips. It’s innate. It’s the most natural reaction my body has ever had to another human being.

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Will – from an untitled Will novel

“All musicians lie.”

“Well, I’m not a musician then.”

“You just said you play lead guitar.”

“It’s just a hobby.”

“You also just said you were here for work.”

“Okay, so it’s my secondary job. I’m actually a physicist.”

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Max – from Summer Revival Side B

I run to the subway station and catch the first train to Queens, finding an empty corner where I can sit by myself and subtly check the contents of my wallet. I’ve just stolen $400 from my oldest brother. There’s no way he’s not going to miss that.

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Jon – From Love Like We Do (Side A)

“What happened?”

“Nothing happened. I just like taking advantage of the perks of being a musician.”

“You like having sex with strangers.”

“I like the way I said it better,” my brother says.

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Release dates of these unfinished books

We interrupt this week of excerpts for an explanation… I’ve gotten a few questions and many more excited comments about release dates for these books. I want to reiterate that all seven of these books are unfinished. Incomplete. Works in progress. Before you go moaning and groaning, let me explain why I’m doing this. I […]

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Steven – From book two of Steven War and Peace

When she smiles at me, I relax and inwardly thank God for putting me across the table from her tonight. I needed a break from sitting at home and wondering where I went wrong. I wonder if I can ever make things right… not so much with Renee, but with myself and with Lexi. We’ve been through so much. We deserve something– someone– good in our lives.

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Renee – From book one of Steven War and Peace

After he walked away from me to shower, I ended the fight with a questioning statement about who the woman was in our relationship.

Obviously, he found no humor in that. So maybe I worsened the fight.

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A plea to readers everywhere

This is going to be a very personal post, so I apologize for the interruption. First and foremost, please assume positive intent while reading this post. I am beyond grateful for the readers I currently have and the people who have connected with my characters. I appreciate them all. I interact with them regularly. I […]

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