Jon – From Love Like We Do (Side A)

“What happened?”

“Nothing happened. I just like taking advantage of the perks of being a musician.”

“You like having sex with strangers.”

“I like the way I said it better,” my brother says.

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My visit to Hollandtown (aka New York)

Many of you know that I spent the weekend in Manhattan with my father. It was my birthday present from my parents, and we had a great time doing all kinds of tourist-y things. Along the way, though, I was astute enough to sneak in some pictures of places that appear in my Emi Lost […]

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Livvy Excerpt: “Date with Manny”

Livvy Excerpt: “Date with Manny” As he pulls into the parking lot of the restaurant, I fix my hair in the vanity mirror before getting out. He opens the door again for me, offering me his hand to help me out of the car. “So, do you like my hair like this?” “It’s sexy,” he […]

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A chance to win a signed paperback and gift card!

Livvy is here! To celebrate, I’m having a Rafflecopter drawing for a signed paperback and a $25 gift card! There will also be two $10 and one $5 gift card prizes, so make sure you enter by clicking on the Livvy teaser graphic below:

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Livvy Excerpt – “Tim the RA”

Livvy releases tomorrow!! [Preorder for Kindle and iBooks] I am so excited that I just want to share some things with you all early… here’s a little conversation between Livvy and her resident advisor at Yale… Livvy Excerpt  – “Tim the RA” In truth, Jon was the only one I’d ever planned to celebrate with on my eighteenth birthday. […]

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Choisie Blog Tour information

This week, October 12-18, the Choisie series will be touring around multiple blogs! If you’ve read any of the series, consisting of four books (Contessa, Olivia, Dear Jon and the up-coming Livvy), then this will be a chance to remember some of its highlights. If you haven’t read the books, this is your chance to […]

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Livvy has a description and is available for preorder!

In her first year of college at Yale, challenging courses and new friends provide a much-needed distraction for Livvy Holland. Beyond the tears–for the most part– she won’t allow the lingering anger she harbors toward her ex-boyfriend to consume her. Even after taking steps to conceal her identity, Livvy is still very recognizable and popular […]

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