Renee – From book one of Steven War and Peace

After he walked away from me to shower, I ended the fight with a questioning statement about who the woman was in our relationship.

Obviously, he found no humor in that. So maybe I worsened the fight.

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A Snippet from OLIVIA: Jack vs. Livvy

“I’m sorry,” I tell him softly.  “I know you’re upset with me.” “Disappointed,” he corrects me.  “I’m disappointed in you.  I’m upset with that boy out there.  How dare he–”  He stops himself, realizing the volume of his angered voice. “Listen to me, Dad.”  I decide to stand up, tucking my fingers beneath the lip […]

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A Teaser from OLIVIA: What Jon Wants

A teaser from OLIVIA, the sequel to CONTESSA “I want you to make love to me.” My voice cracks when I say it. “Why?” he challenges me. Why? What kind of a question is that? “Because I love you.” “You wear my ring because you love me. You devote every Saturday night to me because […]

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