Steven – From book two of Steven War and Peace

When she smiles at me, I relax and inwardly thank God for putting me across the table from her tonight. I needed a break from sitting at home and wondering where I went wrong. I wonder if I can ever make things right… not so much with Renee, but with myself and with Lexi. We’ve been through so much. We deserve something– someone– good in our lives.

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Renee – From book one of Steven War and Peace

After he walked away from me to shower, I ended the fight with a questioning statement about who the woman was in our relationship.

Obviously, he found no humor in that. So maybe I worsened the fight.

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Timeline of my books

I want to make sure everyone has a point of reference for all of my books since they’re all in the same universe. I’ve attempted to make it where each series can be read on its own, but you get more out of them if you’ve read all the books. I’m going to start the timeline […]

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