Due to the subject matter of this book, any reviews you read may give away major events from the series.  I’ve tried to hide the obvious spoilers at the bottom.

LOVED, loved, loved this book. A huge range of emotions and captivating characters made me stay up late, get up early and sneak out to my car to read at lunch.

I’m not normally one for “romance” but this is well written, adult and believable. Could barely put it down and am antsy for the next book in the series to come out.

Stephanie Barone, Smashwords edition

Great second book! Although It took me through a rollercoaster of emotions, I loved it! You have to read Lost and Found Book One first, otherwise you will miss out on how the lives of these great characters began!This second book is not as graphic as book one but it still isn’t for kids. Amazing twists and turns, awesome romance, now I’m reading book three!

alias chick, Kindle edition

Oh my! This book is so touching, heartfelt, and addictive. I couldn’t stop reading it even through my tears. This book made me cry, smile, and giggle. Other reviews call it a roller coaster of emotions and they are so right. It was a ride that I was sad to see end. I can’t wait to read the third book.

If you haven’t read Lost and Found yet, read it first.

Stacy, Smashwords edition

Again I don’t want to give anything away for those that haven’t read it, so all I will say is buy this book, free up a few hours and lock yourself away! Oh and be prepared to download Book 3 – Never Look Back – as soon as you’re done. Enjoy.

DS, Smashwords edition

I loved this book! Took me through a range of emotions… I couldn’t put the book down! Well worth the time and money for this whole series! Keep up the great work.

Jessica, Smashwords edition

Another well written book in this series. The main man character was not as likeable to me and had more tolerance and patience that was really believable for me. His wealth took some of the realness of the series away from me. I loved the book. Truly enjoyed it.

kay masters, Smashwords edition

If I thought the first book was full of highs and lows, I clearly spoke too soon. Book two of the series follows Emi through what I imagine to be the roughest part of her life, but then also through an amazing journey of healing and discovery.

I almost didn’t make it through the first couple chapters of the book. Every time I started crying, I’d have to set it aside and come back later. I finally just decided to power through… and I’m glad that I did. The emotional journey you follow Emi on is raw and painful, but in the end it’s so worth it. At times I felt like my heart was shattered right along with Emi’s. I wasn’t sure how the author would ever piece mine back together – let alone Emi’s – but somehow she managed to, bit by bit.

You’ll meet Jack, and just like Emi you won’t want to give in. You’ll be afraid. You’ll be timid. You’ll try to resist. Jack just won’t let you. He’ll win you over with his patience, his sexiness, his character, and his charm. He’ll make you want to keep turning the pages. He’ll make you want Emi to believe again. Resistance is futile, and don’t even think about giving up on Emi. She’ll make you proud with her strength and perseverance.

Hold on tight… this one is worth the ride.

katiephotog, iBooks edition

This is the third book I’ve read in my entire life that made me cry. In fact I was sobbing through a good few chapters. Lori Otto makes you feel as if you are feeling the emotions she is describing. Its so real and you can relate so easily to the characters that any loss, happiness, excitement or despair the characters are going though, you go through yourself. Its a roller coaster experience but a worthwile one. Loved this book.

UPDATE: Second time around, and I love it just as much as the first time I read it. It’s hard to watch friends suffer and it’s great to see them experience real joy. The characters of these stories become your friends, and you feel everything with them. I will certainly keep revisiting these friends.

Nikki Haw, Goodreads review

Make sure to have a box of tissues when you read this. Lori Otto did an outstanding job writing Emi’s journey to healing.

Ashley, Goodreads review

I’m not really sure how much more can happen to Emi. Apparently, she is not destined to be peacefully happy. On to book 3…

Jennifer, Goodreads review

I have to give this book 5 stars because I haven’t read a book that describes so well the sense of loss and sadness like this one does. When I bought the book I definitely didn’t expect what happened. AT. ALL.
This book made me cry very much, but somehow I couldn’t put it down, masochist right?
I like Emi’s character a lot. Jack is amazing…
If you want to cry your heart out this book is for you.

Vanessa, Goodreads review

So after the ending of Book I, I immediately started on this book. Before I go on, I became interested in this series because I thought it would eventually turn into a love triangle type of story. I love reading about love, jealousy and something emotionally charged. Nope. No love triangle involved. Love, yes. Emotionally charged, most definitely. As I started to read Book II, I found myself crying and getting even more emotional. This book is the reason why I now have a shelf entitled Refrigerator Books. Have you ever seen the TV show Friends? Whenever Joey reads a book and finds it too difficult to read, whether its getting too scary or too emotional, he would hide his book in the refrigerator. Well that’s what this book has done to me.

I just don’t know if I’ll ever be strong enough to read the rest of this series. I know if I can just get through the first few chapters, I know it’ll be a wonderful read, but I just can’t. I just can’t, at least not now. Ugh! So frustrating!! How could you Ms. Otto? How could you? :::sniff sniff:::

Tessamari, Goodreads review

5 H U G E STARS…..I don’t have words to describe how I feel….I am off to to the third book…..

Ioanna,  Goodreads review

I really liked this book, It has been about a year since I read the first book Lost and Found. In that book I liked Nate much more than I liked Emi, and at that time I did not want to read this book knowing it would be more of Emi’s story. However, in this book I found myself liking Emi,and like her I was able to cope with what happened. When I first starting reading this one I had to go slow because I could not stop crying, but then I had a hard time putting this one down, and I loved the Hero in this book just as much as I loved Nate. Im so glad I read it.

Lisa, Goodreads review

Amazing! It was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down because I HAD to know what was happening next. Bravo!

 Angela Meyer, Goodreads Review

I was shocked at the beginning but the book just draws you in further into the lives of Emi and her family. I loved the different view points Book One – Nate’s and Book Two – Emi. I downloaded this series on a whim but I haven’t been disappointed. Bring on book three!

penguin24, Amazon.co.uk edition

I had to put this one up for the time being. Too many sad books being read so I need something more upbeat to get me out of this funk lol. I will come back to this one though!


OK I started this one back up last night and despite a few more tears and sniffles I’ve been enjoying it. I’m glad I picked this one back up sooner rather than later. I think I’m finally letting Jack in lol.

Cari, Goodreads review

I fell in love with Nate and Emi in “Lost and Found” and then Lori broke my f*cking heart in “Time Stands Still.”


Of course, she healed it by the end, but there were times when the only thing that kept me from throwing my Kindle across the room in sadness and despair was the thought of trying to explain it to the Amazon guy for warranty purposes.

Lori’s an AMAZING writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed the series.

Mel, Goodreads review

I was really drawn into this book. I didn’t even really put it down, until I moved on to reading Never Look Back (#3). I really felt Emi’s pain and read through full-out tears at several points throughout the book.

Bravo, Lori!

Jenni, Goodreads review

I loved the first book so much I read this book only a couple of pages to find out what happened to Nate. [DELETED FOR SPOILERS] You are very talented Lori Otto hope to read more of your books but for now I will stick to Lost and Found where I imagine Nate and Emi they live happily ever after…

Lauriesa, Goodreads review

So, I know that many reviewers stopped reading this book after the fate of Nate was revealed and I have to admit that I didn’t know if I could get through it.

The first third of the book was pretty rough to get through and I cried almost the entire time. I think part of that was because the first book was from Nate’s perspective and it made it that much harder because I fell in love with Nate’s character [SPOILER].

I really did like Jack and I absolutely loved how patient he was with her and I think that he was really good for her. I think Emi did a good job of dealing with all of her pain.

This book was very well written just like the first one and I’m looking forward to reading the last of the series.

Kaudyna Z., Goodreads review

What I did while reading this book? Cry and cry and cry some more. My heart was broken more than once.

The bright spot of the story: Jack, he is absolutely perfect!!!

I liked very much the chemistry between Jack and Emi but more than that their emotional connection. The story was pure romance.

This is a great and beautiful read!

V. Anton, Goodreads review

Usually a stoic person, my emotions betrayed me. I cried several times throughout the story. Emi’s struggle with her loss, and whether it was time to move on was REAL! I put myself in her place, trying to feel her loss. Even though I didn’t agree with some of her decisions and got annoyed at Jack, I had to keep remembering that life is unpredictable. This story is one written with truth and realism. I always get annoyed reading stories when you can predict a happy outcome.

Hopeless Romantic, Kindle edition

What an emotional rush! This book hits the ground running. Lori knows how to grab your attention and keep it. Again, if you were invested in the characters in “Lost and Found” then you will really have your work cut out for you here because it’s that much easier to get emotionally involved in “Time Stands Still”. Highly recommend this book. On to book 3!

Ebonyiz, Kindle edition

Well in this book i cried a lot when emi wakes up from her accident, and the process she has to take to go on with her life, she struggles, cries, and everything in between, when she met jack its another story, i read this book in 2 days, it really got me in to see and feel the pain she was going through, i would REALLY RECOMMEND THESE BOOK AS FOR BOOK 1 as well.

Sam539, Kindle edition

Again, I strongly recomend all three books in the series. The second book of this Series picks up where Book 1 left off. This book was so good, I stayed up all night to finish it. The voice of the Second book is Emi’s, her story continues, and she rips at your soul, as you follow her journey, such honest well written characters, you feel you know Emi.

Sherry / saddensoul, Kindle edition

If you’ve read my reviews on the other books in this series you’d know that i was cheering Emi and Nate from the beginning, so i was completely gutted by the turn of events in this book. When the pregnancy happens in Lost & Found you think everything’s going to work out, and i cant say, truly this was an unexpected twist and was written so well.

Zoe.Williams, Kindle UK edition

this book had me crying from the start, it was fantastic, a friend recommened it to me, you feel so heart broken reading it, but you have to carry on to see what happens. my eyes was so swollen from all the tears i shared.

ljgreen, Kindle UK edition

This is my first review of a book and although I have read many on my kindle, I found a lot that I loved. This book by far was absolutely a tough one. After reading the overview, I knew in my gut that I was going to be getting involved in a cluster of emotions. I literally sobbed for the first 85 pages and spurts of crying throughout. This book was amazing. Real life trama that is totally relatable. I was able to relate to the characters from the loss of a good friend a few years ago and this book brought back some feelings and also gave me things to consider about the loss. I absolutely LOVE this book and am looking forward to going on to book 3.

Ashley, Kindle edition

OMG. This is such a sad book. But it is a MUST read. Don’t be afraid to read it. It helps you to understand true love and loss. It also renews your faith in love. PLEASE READ THIS ONE. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

Tamara Black, Kindle edition

I loved this book I have never cried so hard on the fifth chapter you stop crying I love Emi ,Nate and Jack !!! Lori Otto has done a wonderful job !! Please READ !! you won’t be sorry !!!

LBEG, Kindle edition

This second book of the series was unbelievable! I cried, a lot! But it was one heck of a story! I wasn’t trying to predict the end the entire time like normal. I was too caught up in everything. I can’t wait to start the 3rd right now!

jmaglic, Kindle edition

At the start of the story, I couldn’t bear hearing about the tragedy that Emi went throught after the New Year’s eve. I was crying so hard in the first few pages simply because I felt that Nate and Emi were made for each other. They were a perfect couple to start with. Everything they went through was a fairytale. I was in constant battle with my own self. A part of me wanted Emi to mourn and dwell in Nate and Nate lone not wanting her to fall for anyone else. A part of me though wanted her to continue with her life and find her happily ever after. A must read! You shouldn’t be missing out on a great story 🙂

itsmecuhlaire, Kindle edition

Great writing. The first chapters about Emi’s grief were so realistic that I sobbed through the entire beginning. Some parts in the middle I kind of didn’t totally agree with. But completely redeemed itself at the end. I found it to be very realistic and I am now on to the third book.

Sue Ann, Goodreads review

I enjoyed the second book more than the first introductory book (which was fantastic, ending and all). While the beginning is very emotional, it is worth persevering through! I have never had that kind of emotional reaction to a book before. It just goes to show how talented the author is to be able to evoke such a response. The series just gets better and better. Onto Book 3…:)

Amy, Goodreads review

Ok what a heart wrenching story. I cried and cried some more. Even though very sad I was still drawn in by the story, characters and Emi! Great follow up to book 1.

Shamika, Goodreads review

Just WOW! What an emotional book, since the first chapter i had tears! I loved Nate but i love jack too!

Lilliana Pastor Ursulich

Just finished time stands still and am still crying. Thank you for writing a beautifully true story that is a love filled as it is heart breaking. Going through Emi’s pain with her gave me such perspective and made me realize how truly strong the human spirit is, and how strong I really am.

And I’m not even done yet! Thank you!

Aubrey Jane Eyre, Sensitivitality comment


Emi wakes up in her fiancee Nate’s luxurious 5th Avenue penthouse, the sunlight streaming through the window. Something has happened, but she’s okay, and Nate has only minor injuries. He talks about how much he loves Emi, and how they’ll always be together, they and their baby girl.

The reality is that Nate died at the scene of the New Year’s Eve car wreck that ended book one, and Emi has been in a coma for three days. She refuses to believe that Nate is dead–she just saw him, and he was fine!

“Time Stands Still” is the second installment of Lori L. Otto’s “Emi Lost & Found” series. Book one, “Lost and Found” traced–through Nate’s voice–the circuitous route that best friends Nate and Emi finally risked their friendship to gamble on romance, and it worked out wonderfully. Emi was happy with their relationship; Nate had just completed a huge, high-profile design project, and they were both looking forward to becoming parents.

Then, book one’s gut-punch ending happens, and we’re left wondering.

Nate really died at the scene.

Where “Time Stands Still” begins Emi is spiritually and emotionally crushed. Not only did she lose her absolute best friend, she also lost the man she’d been sure was her soulmate. In another dream/vision, Nate brings the couple’s unborn daughter to meet her mother. She’s a happy baby with Nate on the Other Side. The whole “dead lover appearing every night in a dream” motif would have grown old very quickly, and Lori Otto uses it wonderfully and sparingly.

Emi suffered some serious injuries. She spends the first month living with her brother, Chris, who is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Anna.She and Chris are very close, and Anna is like the older sister Emi never had. (note: She DOES have an older sister, Jen, but she’s kind of an idiot) With her brother’s love, care, prayer, and support, Emi slowly regains her strength. Chris loves watching sports, and his best friend from college, Jack, comes over a lot to enjoy the games as well. For the first of these sports nights, Emi agrees to shower, brush her teeth, and put on clean clothes, if only she can have a few glasses of wine. Emi and Jack had a long, enjoyable conversation the night of the accident, and they immediately resumed their easy camaraderie.

It becomes clear that Jack likes Emi, but he respects her space, and that she’s not ready for a relationship beyond friendship. Jack also has this ability to cheer Emi when she’s mourning, depressed, angry. He’s fine just seeing her at group events or at Chris & Anna’s apartment.

Just as “Lost & Found” traced Nate & Emi’s friendship and verrrry slow-blooming romance through Nate’s voice, “Time Stands Still” puts us right inside Emi’s head, and Emi’s head is a rollercoaster ride.

Not only is Emi trying to grieve for Nate, she also mourns their unborn daughter, who died a few days later. Emi has mountains of rage to loose on the driver who ran the redlight and killed Nate–the driver was a teenaged kid who’d been drinking; it doesn’t matter. The kid died. No target.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you can probably relate to Emi as she cries for Nate; then curses God for taking Nate from her, then tearfully asks why she wasn’t taken too, so she wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Eventually, Emi starts to notice that her big brother’s best-friend Jack shows up in random places where she happens to be. Jack is far from creepy, though. Indeed, he is the perfect gentleman, understanding and loyal friend, who happens to live near Emi’s Manhattan loft. He’s a wealthy and outgoing business consultant, who knows everyone, and whom everybody loves. So, along with her Nate grief and guilt, Emi now has a burgeoning romance on her hands. Her biggest opponent regarding Jack’s acceptability as a boyfriend–he has great scores: money, great looks, “transcendent” kisser–boils down to this: can Emi ever love another man as fully as she did Nate. In Emi’s mind, we see that it’s not so much that she was soulmates with Nate, but that if she commits to a lover, that lover could be snuffed out in an instant.

There are moments of brightness and laughter in “Time Stands Still,” especially with Emi’s force-of-nature five-year-old neice, Clara, and Emy’s sister, Jen. Also, the events leading up to Chris and Anna’s wedding have moments of hilarity.

There are also black days that turn into weeks, which become months. I’ve been there. Severe depression is a bastard of an illness, and you can’t explain it to people. People will insist on asking, “What’s wrong? How can I help?” and there is nothing anyone can really do.

Emi gets this unwelcome treatment, with friends and family hovering constantly, trying to get her to “open up,” to “leave it behind,” to “get on with the rest of your life.” These are easy steps, perhaps, for anyone OTHER than the patient.

With Jack’s help, Emi finds that she can laugh again. Can Jack be the great love of her life, based on a misremembered 14 years-ago drunken kiss??

If you liked “Lost and Found,” you will love “Time Stands Still.” The first-person narrative in book one kind of made me think Nate was a dick early on, so it took awhile for him to win me over. In “Time Stands Still,” we’re already acquaintances of Emi’s, so we can judge just how heavy is her heart, and we are privy to her wild thought tangents regarding a potential new romance with Jack, as well as her sometimes overbearing–but well-meaning–family.

This series is just not what I normally read. Two weeks ago, if you’d given me a one sentence summation, I’d probably have passed on it. Author Lori L. Otto has written a huge, sweeping trilogy (plus a delightful prequel). But the sweeping nature of these books all occurs within one person’s mind per book. That’s a lot of information to filter through one person’s eyes, and Ms Otto does it with seamless aplomb. Well done. Sure, two weeks ago, I would have passed. Two weeks later, I’ve finished the first two books (plus the awesome, relatively short prequel), and book three is go for launch on the Kindle.

Highly recommended (especially if you have two X chromosomes).

Tom, Goodreads review

This book was an excellent sequel!! Even though I fell in love with Nate in book one, I was just as easily able to fall in love with Jack in book 2. Maybe its because I took a small break in between the two books, maybe that is why I had an easier time transitioning from Nate to Jack with no bitterness. It also helps that this isn’t a love triangle. She is allowed to always love Nate because he is gone, but I’m happy she’s moving on to Jack, who makes her feel something more than she’s ever felt before. I love that this book is well written, and that there is no cheesy wording that some other romance books have that make me cringe. The characters, the plot, the situations, ALL seem very realistic which makes it so easy to read. Overall, another 5 star read!

Jess, Goodreads review

I underestimated the first book and the second book I couldn’t put down. Sometimes I find books to not be very realistic but this one is. I love that Jack and Emi took their time to develop feelings. I love the fact that Emi realized she had to get over losing Nate to move on with Jack. It was so real. Loving this series!

Johnna Ehlendt, Goodreads review