Hit my first 10,000 words tonight– 10,078 to be exact. I wrote over 4,500 words today total. Squeee! It feels sooo good to be writing again. And it’s silly, because I could do this every week… I just… don’t. There’s no reason why I can’t set goals like this every month. Why can’t every month be NaNoWriMo? Yeah, I don’t see a good reason why not either, so I’m going to try to keep the momentum going through December… and then January… you get the idea. After all, there are three other novels that have been works-in-progress for at least a year. One was my NaNo2009 work. Another was NaNo2010. The other was started somewhere in between those two. It’s a series, so it’s a little less… linear than Livvy’s story. I get a little ADD with the series.

So, Nikki, I’m getting close to posting the first chapter. I just want to read through it a few more times. When you read it, just know that the whole thing could be scrapped at this point. It’s all rough right now, but I want you to have a taste of what I have planned for our little Livvy. Only she’s not so little anymore. She’ll be turning 16 in the story.

Anyway. Thank you, Clarinda, for jumping in as head cheerleading coach tonight and forcing me away from the iPhone. I know what’s best for me; sometimes I just have a hard time doing what’s best.